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Paneros Clothing – Slow Fashion Can Be Successful

Paneros Clothing – Slow Fashion Can Be Successful

Says Lauren DeCarli-Till, Founder, Paneros Clothing: “After being a top-selling designer for a wholesale fashion company for ten years, producing a new collection every month, I know how wasteful, polluting, and unsustainable the fashion industry can be. In the age of fast fashion, we've lost that connection to the people behind the clothes we wear every day.

“So I set out to create a better alternative: producing beautiful slow fashion clothing made the way it should be, and designed to be worn not just for one season, but year after year, so that you can look great while making a positive impact on the world. I want to rebuild that connection to the amazing artisans who handcraft our styles, and an appreciation for the earth that provides the materials.

“I have sourced deadstock fabrics made from eco-friendly fibres from around the world, and work with the best artisans and ethical manufacturers to create long-lasting, high-quality clothes. Consumers are looking for brands like Paneros that are focused on sustainability without compromising great style, quality, and fit.”

Why it works

Positioning yourself as an antagonist to a widely known problem is just good storytelling. It's David defeating Goliath, except in this metaphor, Goliath is the universally-hated fast fashion industry, and David is an insider dismantling the system after learning how the system works from the inside. It's deep, and we're here for it.

What we can learn

If your origin story starts in an industry with questionable or unethical practices that you took upon yourself to overhaul by going rogue and starting your own competing business… wow, use that. That's powerful stuff, and people will eat it up

Paneros Clothing – Slow Fashion Can Be Successful

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