Ultimax - All New Revolutionary Rapier Weaving Machine By Picanol

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Ultimax is - a machine developed by design with four design principles in mind: Sustainability Inside, Driven by Data, Smart Performance, and Intuitive Control. Thanks to the high level of digitization and enabled by the digital platform PicConnect, the monitoring of both individual machines, as well as the entire weaving mill, has become much easier than before that brings unprecedented control to customer’s hand.

A razor-sharp machine, that is ready to go with audacious speed, precisely reacting to your slightest touch or setting, and faultlessly bringing you top-quality output - both now and in the future.

Ultimax is a revolutionary rapier platform, based on which we and our customers will be able to cope with the future challenges in terms of sustainability, digitization, and realizing maximum performance with minimum use of resources.

The Ultimax, which was presented at ITMA 2023, Milan

·        Ultimate performance and high-quality output

·        Readiness for the sustainability requirements of tomorrow

·        The greatest ease of use, thanks to a maximum level of digitization, based on fully integrated sensors in almost every part of the machine

Visit our website to learn more: https://www.picanol.be

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